Heather Heaton

Heather has studied Shamanism for over 25 years and is a Shamanic Master Practitioner, trained under the wisdom and guidance of Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka School of Shamanics for Women in Holwell, Dorset.

During the years of attending training at the Shamanka school, Heather learned Core Shamanism, Native American Shamanism. Additionally was taught Inca/Mayan Shamanism, the ancient native knowledge of Peru, and was blessed with the installation of the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki, from which she now proudly carries an energised Inca medicine bundle called the Mesa. Heather has undertaken further years of training and study with the well known and respected Celtic Shamans, teachers, authors, Caitlin and John Matthews.

In 2004, Heather was granted honorary membership of the Wind Clan, Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendents by Chief Blue Wolf Kicking Bear.

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Edwina Mizler and Heather Heaton are partners in teaching the Ancient Shamanic Traditions. Check out our fabulous venue for teaching at Haddon Acre.

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Live interview on Uk Talk Radio with Heather Heaton and Edwina Mizler discussing Spiritual/Alternative Knowledge, Wisdom from Ancient Knowledge, Shamanic Teachings from a range of Shamanic Traditions.

The next 'live' interview will be October 2015 - date to be confirmed.Edwina and Heather have recently formed a partnership to facilitate together a range of Shamanic and Alternative workshops and courses.

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“Heather is a rare individual, indeed. She teaches from a ‘place’ of directness and total sincerity", "She’ll guide you and support you through the process of transformation as if from the chrysalis of your former self to become a beautiful butterfly".

Antony, New Forest, Hampshire.

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"Heather explains and puts a lot of information into her teaching which makes it enjoyable. I find Heather to be a warm and engaging teacher and who I am proud, now, to name as a friend". "

Gill, Totton.

"There is so much to write about Heather, I would be writing all day and night, because she has so much to share with us about so many things that are very interesting. Simply, she is my ‘spiritual guru’".

Ingrid, Southampton.

“Heather’s ability to help you on your spiritual and life path comes, not only, from the many years of training, but also her personal transformations and experiences".

Antony, New Forest, Hampshire.