About Munay-ki


Munay-ki is a Quechua word that means to 'love' or to be 'loving' or to be 'loved'.

The knowledge of the Munay-ki comes from the Laika people who are believe to have come from the stars many eons ago. Whilst living ordinary lives they had extraodinary gifts and abilities. These gifts and abilities can now be awakened in each one of us through installation of the Nine Rites, from the depth of our DNA, giving us insights and awarenesses at this time, for this new era vibration.


The awakening is seeded from the installment of the Nine Rites given cermonially at the conclusion of each weekend workshop. Additionally, each weekend you will be developing your own sacred medicine bundle, called a Mesa, with which can be used for many sacred ceremonies, many healings and an Altar.

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Heather runs the Inka-Peruvian ‘Munay Ki’, which takes you through the Nine Ancient Inca Rites and explains the origins, history and knowledge behind the Nine Rites. Through receiving these you begin to awaken changes within to heal and transform your luminous body. Heather delivers the Nine Rites at different locations in nature, known for their special energies, each of which are representing certain sacred places in Peru.

Pam, Southampton.