Be a Tarot Card Reader


Are you intrigued with the Tarot Cards?

When you look at this Tarot Card (10 of Cups) do you see some sort of story within the images? If you do, then being a Tarot Card Reader is for you.

The complete Tarot course is divided into 2 stages. Each stage consists of 3 workshops.

The first stage, over 3 workshops, will give you a complete basic frame-work of knowledge and insight to Tarot Reading.

The second stage, over 3 workshops, will lead you to an advanced stage of readiness for being a professional and authentic Tarot Card Reader.

Upon request, a certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of both stages.

Stage 2: Be a Tarot Card Reader

Workshop 4

  • The Tree of Life.
  • Psychic integration of the cards.
  • Symbols and Images.
  • Archaic teachings.

Workshop 5

  • Tarot Cards Spread development.
  • Correspondences.
  • Major Arcana.
  • Psychic Intuition.

Workshop 6

  • The Tarot Map.
  • How to understand your client.
  • Psychic intuition.
  • Solution finding.
  • Reading with volunteer.

Cost:- £126 for the 3 workshop course (£25 deposit to secure a place on the course)
Venue:- Rainbows, Bishops Waltham, Hants.

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