Become a Tarot Apprentice


The Apprentice Course - A one-to-one tutoring and mentoring course

The content of this course includes:-

  • Understanding the historical journey of the Tarot Deck;
  • Being fluent in the Tarot Mysteries;
  • Tarot Reading and Psychic Development;
  • Observing the Tarot Mysteries in Life;
  • Client care.

This course is designed to fit in with a busy life and can be spread over a time period to suit the student.

This course also creates the opportunity for those with an enthusiastic passion for the Tarot Cards to embark on a deeper and fulfilling exploration of the mysteries.

Each session can be a minimum 2 hour lesson, or more by arrangement.

Depending upon how the hours of tuition are spread, the Apprenticeship can be over, approximately, a 1 year period.

The course which can be completed in 3 stages will also be tailored to benefit the development of the student.

The subjects included within the course:-

Stage 1

  • The mysteries of the ancient tarot;
  • The structure of the Tarot deck;
  • The Suit cards;
  • The Major Arcana;
  • Tarot reading practises;

Stage 2

  • Ethics and Protocols;
  • Tarot Card spreads;
  • The Golden Dawn;
  • The Tree of Life;
  • Symbols and Images;
  • Psychic Integration of the images;

Stage 3

  • Tarot Card spreads - advanced;
  • Correspondences;
  • Major Arcana - advanced;
  • The Tarot Map;
  • Clients' requirements for solutions;
  • Practising with volunteers.

Venue: by arrangement
Time: by arrangement
Cost: £480 - the course (Either £80 deposit then £40 per month over 10 months, Or £450 early bird payment in full)

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