About Heather

Heather has studied Shamanism for over 25 years and is a Shamanic Master Practitioner, trained under the wisdom and guidance of Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka Traditional School of Woman's Shamanism in Holwell, Dorset.

During the years of attending training at the Shamanka school, Heather learned Core Shamanism, Native American Shamanism. Additionally was taught Inca/Mayan Shamanism, the ancient native knowledge of Peru, and was blessed with the installation of the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki, from which she now proudly carries an energised Inca medicine bundle called the Mesa. Heather has undertaken further years of training and study with the well known and respected Celtic Shamans, teachers, authors, Caitlin and John Matthews.


In 2004, Heather was granted honorary membership of the Wind Clan, Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendents by Chief Blue Wolf Kicking Bear. The tribal name of ‘Grandmother Wolf Watching’ has been bestowed upon her. Heather is a trained counsellor and holds a Diploma as a Meditation Teacher.

Fourty years ago Heather acquired her first Tarot Card Deck, and from then onwards has ardently studied this mysterious ancient knowledge and its methods, coupling it to her inherent psychic skill. Following the completion of a formal training course Heather has also qualified as a Tarot card reader.


Heather uses her psychic ability, knowledge, Shamanic training, wisdom and empathy when conducting a Shamanic Healing, Counselling, Interpreting Dreams, Life Coaching, Tarot Reading, and Teaching.

Heather gives one-to-one trainings/teachings for personal development or healing, as well as evening group teachings and a range of workshops.

Heather strives to work and live and with integrity and impeccability and to pass on all she has experienced and learned through the years to anyone who wishes to receive. Her intention is to walk in beauty upon Mother Earth in the best way she can.

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