Dream Interpretation


Learn how to unlock the mystery of your dreaming.

  • Do you have strange dreams?
  • Have you had a disturbing dream?
  • Are your dreams trying to tell you something?

Mostly our dreams are created from a whole range of symbols and archetypal beings. It is thought by some that they are collectively the language of the Universe.

It is important to stress, that the images you dream, may have a different meaning to that of another person's. Therefore, often, the interpretations will be individual.

Regular Dreams
These tend to be a whole mixture of strange images and symbols with puzzling stories. Everyone who speaks to me about their dreams, state they have particularly bizarre dreams. I reassure you, most dreams appear bizarre, but there is always a 'story' behind each one, waiting to be interpreted.

  • If you dreamed there was a hole in the outer wall of your home, what do you think it would mean?


Prophetic Dreams
These are dreams that look into the potential future. Many people have at least one prophetic dream in a lifetime; a very few people have them more regularly.

  • How would you recognise a prophetic dream?

Then there are those dreams that seem to be passing on to you information of some importance, perhaps directly relating to yourself, or perhaps relating to the wider public. Visions tend to have a peculiar feeling of intensity.

  • What would you do with such information?

Specific People or Places Dreams
Within the occasional dream there will be a clear image of a specific person or place of who or of which you can readily identify. Usually not, though, in the setting or role of which you would normally expect.

  • Have you ever had a dream where a friend seemed to be a member of family?


Frightening Dreams, Nightmares
There are a whole range of frightening dreams. Just about everyone will have at least one within their lifetime. These experiences often disappear as soon as the person is fully awake.

Recurring Dreams
Some recurring dreams are curious and intriguing, some can appear more distressing, even frightening. Curious or frightening recurring dreams are usually resolved - with help and assistance - by finding the 'story' the dream is trying to tell the dreamer.

Many a healing has happened, merely by understanding a dream message.

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