Life Coaching


There are times in life when situations can be overwhelming. There seems to be no solution, or no way out. Often, to see the picture from another point of view, brings clarity. From clarity solutions can be found.

Yesterday a woman came to see me with an overwhelming problem in her life. I listened to her story, she was distressed as she explained. We applied some life coaching techniques to her situation and within a very short time she could see solutions. The anxiety lifted, she was smiling.

Approximately a quarter of people who visit me for a Tarot Reading are attempting to find a solution to a problem in their life through divination from the Tarot Cards.

During such a Tarot Card session it becomes clear that Life Coaching/Counselling will helpfully shed a light on an otherwise confusing situation.

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min consultation session = £25

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45

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"From darkness to light, from confusion to clarity"