Spiritual Soul Coaching


Many people ask me about their psychic experiences, how or why Karma is working in their lives, and what is Karma, and about the 'so called' coincidences of life.

De ja vu is an experience people have when awakening to a past life or an old emotional wound (past life or present).

Being possessed by spirits is often a concern.

What is imagination, and what is communication with spirits?

Psychic darts - what are they?

Family matters often arise as people begin to see where they are in their own personal cosmos.

A person's destiny and how to identify it is important to gain knowledge of.


What is my Soul Destiny?

Have I lost touch with my Soul?

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min consultation session = £25

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45

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I would recommend anyone that is interested in Spiritual Development to speak with Heather who will help you find what is right for you.

Pam, Southampton.