Shamanic Energy Healing


A Shamanic Practitioner has available to him/her a range of techniques which can be tailored to suit the needs of the client.

For instance there is the ‘Bands of Power’ which installs into the recipient revitalization.

The ‘Power Retrieval’ can be accessed by ‘tracking’ the source of the ‘power loss’ and reinstating it.

Finding a personal ‘Power Animal’ will awaken hitherto dormant or ‘sleeping’ personal empowerment.

There are techniques for finding and transforming sluggish or blocked energies within the body or aura. With this technique I usually work it together with the client so that the client knows how to do it for themselves any time in the future.

There is a gentle and heart-warming method to deal with grief or bereavement.

There is an energising method for clearing negative energies, which is fun and amazingly effective.


There is a powerful method for dealing with unwelcome spiritual attachments.

There is ‘Soul Retrieval’ for someone not ‘firing on all pistons’, usually due to an old illness or a difficult or traumatic event in their lives.

And ‘Cutting of the Ties’ is very helpful when emotional attachments are ended but difficult to release.

There is a simple but deep and enjoyable method of Shamanic Journeying to find your ‘spirit helpers’, ie, a guide, a healer, a teacher - using the Shamanic Journeying method, you can be confident that the spirit-helper is who they appear to be, and not a false entity.

There is the illumination, and Peruvian Inca method, which is a very deep and powerful healing using the shaman’s Medicine Bundle/bag, with its sacred power-stones inside, called a Mesa.

All these methods are effective on the ‘spiritual’, emotional, mental and physical levels.

NB. The above healing methods and many more shamanic techniques for learning and experiencing are inclusive within the Shamanic Training Workshops.

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min consultation session = £25

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45

The 3 hour session can be offered as an 1 hour 30 minutes consultation and an 1 hour 30 minutes treatment.

Concessions available, please enquire.

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“I first met Heather about 5 years ago and I knew immediately that this was somebody who could teach me a great deal. It was a couple more years before I was fortunate enough to ‘work’ Spiritually and Shamanically with her, and I feel very blessed. Combining a great sense of humour with a ‘down to earth’ no nonsense approach, Heather’s amazing wisdom, far reaching insights and deep compassion combine to make a wonderful Guide and Teacher, helping others to find their way in their lives. "

Amanda, Winchester, Hampshire.

"Heather is an extremely experienced shamanic healer. I initially started to visit Heather to address long standing problems dating back to childhood which have impinged considerably on my ability to successfully manage my adult life. Through Heather's healing, I am now overcoming these issues and have developed the confidence and self-belief required".

Lesley, Southampton, Hampshire.