Spiritual Energy Healing


The energy centres - called chakras - which are within the subtle bodies of a person's aura and body can sometimes be spinning too fast or too slowly.

The effects upon the person will be varied, that is, in accordance to their individuality. For an example, I have known of a throat chakra that was spinning in a tight narrow circle of someone who found it difficult to say what she truly meant - 'speak her truth'.

I have also known a person's spirit bodies to be off-centre at her head level, only attached at her base chakra level. She suffered a feelings of disorientation.

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min consultation session = £25

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45

The 3 hour session can be offered as an 1 hour 30 minutes consultation and an 1 hour 30 minutes treatment.

Concessions available, please enquire.

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