Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can you learn to be a Tarot Reader in one day?
No, but you can begin the facinating journey into the ancient knowledge hidden with the symbology of the cards

Q. How long will it take me to learn the Tarot Cards?
Of course that will depend on how much practise you put in between lessons, but you can become familiar with the symbols and images by the completion of the first 3 workshops.

Q. Can I become a Tarot Card Reader by the completion of the course?
Yes you can. Lessons are one part toward becoming a Tarot Card Reader, practise is the other. Once your friends know you are studying to be a Tarot Card Reader, you'll find they will queue up to have a reading, therefore supplying you with much practise between lessons and ensuring your success.

Q. Is it difficult to memorize all the meanings of the Tarot Cards?
The system you will learn gives you key memory-aid to make the learning enjoyable.

Q. I'm afraid of finding I will need to give a less than happy tarot card reading.
There are ways of exploring important messages from a card reading, and ways of passing the messages on in a helpful and supportive manner.