Healings of Buildings and Land


Waterside + New Forest Paranormal Investigations
“Healing Spirits, Healing Buildings, Healing Land”

We are a team of people with special abilities. We have also, individually, experience and encounters with ‘other-worldly’ beings (spirits), energies and happenings. Additionally, each member of the team has had ‘advanced’ training for healing ‘other-worldly’ energies/spirits (aka ghosts) in a supportive and sympathetic way.

Our policy for working is:-

  • Investigate,
  • Identify,
  • Diagnosis,
  • Resolve.

Each member of the team is ethically sensitive to all religions and cultures.
Each member of the team is dedicated to a code of confidentiality.

The Team

  • Heather Heaton - Shamanic Practitioner (& healer)
  • Sharon Collis - Seerer (& psychic)
  • Lynn Stephenson - Trance Medium (& psychic)
  • Steve Collis - Technology Expert

How We Work

  1. Investigation; Heather will meet you to discuss things that concern you.
  2. Identify; Two or more of the team will meet you at the place of concern to ‘tune-into’ and record the events at the place that concerns you.
  3. Diagnosis; A discussion will be held between yourself and the team over the findings, and the various options available for resolving the concerns.
  4. Resolve; Plan of action. Action the plan.


No charges; we ask only that you cover our expenses.

Donations are not expected, though any offered would be gratefully accepted.

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