Spiritual Possessions, Curses & Hexes


Negative Energies, Psychic Darts/Arrows, Curses, Hexes, & Spiritual Possessions

Being 'possessed' brings to mind all sorts of images from stories, tv and film.

We generally refer to such events as a person having an 'attachment' or an 'intrusion'.

There are many different types of attachments and intrusions. Such things can come about from a variety of reason, events or happenings.

For instance:-

A young man visited me one day believing he had a 'bad spirit possession', or was cursed. He had upset someone who he believed did spells.

On investigation it was found his problem was merely the fear that he had such an intrusion. He was not possessed or cursed, at all.

There are always dark forces/spirits trailing in the wake of a religious fanatic.

A young woman alternatively spoke in her normal voice asking in desperation for help, then would suddenly switch to growling, expletives and cursing. Her new boyfriend at that time was a religious fanatic, and during that time she had an accident from which she had suffered concussion. One of the dark spirits entered her energy system at that moment.

A few days later it was successfully and compassionately removed.

There are a selection of methods for clearing and cleansing minor intrustions such as shadows, psychic darts/arrows, and negative energies.

There are also a selection of methods for detaching, dispersing intrusive energies and spirits such as 'attachments' or 'possessions', a personal one-to-one consultation can determine the best treatment for a person who may be concerned.

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min consultation session = £25

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45

The 3 hour session can be offered as an 1 hour 30 minutes consultation and an 1 hour 30 minutes treatment.

Concessions available, please enquire.

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