Heather's Vision

It is understood by many, world-wide, that we have entered into a New Era.

There is a belief amongst such communities that it represents a time of a spiritual, social, economic and political international reformation.

Of course there are many who view this perception as a fanciful delusion.

But, stop and ponder for a moment. What if, 75% of the world’s population switched over to this belief? I’m not advocating you see the imagery happening over night.

Whether or not there is a so-call special era for this to happen, what if, for instance it actually happened ....say, over a 10 year period?

Allow your mind to wonder over images of what would be different in our world, or in your own country, or in your own life. I find that theory sometimes difficult to visualize, but you know, I’m working on it. I’m also praying for it. Though I am a small cog in a large wheel, I remember what Ghandi taught us, “it starts with one”.

The more of us who set our intentions upon the manifestation of a future being the best, for Mother Earth and all that exists upon and within, it may create the ‘tipping-point’ that is needed.

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