Tarot Readings


My passion is to use a mixture of intuition, psychic skill, my training as a counsellor and 40 years of Tarot experience and knowledge to enable you to find solutions to problems and answers to questions.

Remember, the future has not yet happened, so by looking at the potential for the future through the Tarot Cards, it is possible to make better choices for the outcome of situations and events.

I never cease to be fascinated by how the ‘Law of Attraction’ will bring about the correct selection of Tarot Cards to give accurate answers for enquirers. Modern advanced knowledge particularly from science has brought us a surprising but rational explanation on how the ‘Law of Attraction’ really works. The explanation of how it works is described to us from quantum physics.

If you ask, I shall explain how it works. If you don’t ask you can retain the wonder of an intriguing mystery.

My intention is to relay information through the medium of the Tarot Cards in a sensitive and moral way.

The cards can offer suggestions and choices to help minimise difficulties and maximise potential.


For a Reading

(Up to a) 1 hour 30 min session = £25
For regular enquiries.

(Up to a) 3 hour session = £45
For an 'in-depth' session to find solutions to problems: includes Life Coaching support.

Please note: these charges are set intentionally to be 'reasonable', so as to make a Tarot Reading accessible to everyone who wishes to have one.

A government directive states I must inform you that all ‘readings’ are for entertainment purposes only.

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“I recently had a Tarot reading with Heather regarding some certain life problems where I required some answers or spiritual guidance to. Heather's reading was extremely helpful, I found some clear concise answers through the Tarot Cards and with Heather's further discussions and guidance. The reading was great and wasn’t rushed in any way. Heather took time to explain things very well which aided me massively, and gave me notes to take away to refer to when I require this. I will definitely be back to see Heather and feel she is now part of my present life journey!”

Martin, Hampshire.