“I recently had a Tarot reading with Heather regarding some certain life problems where I required some answers or spiritual guidance to. Heathers reading was extremely helpful, I found some clear concise answers through the Tarot Cards and with Heathers further discussions and guidance. The reading was great and wasn’t rushed in any way. Heather took time to explain things very well which aided me massively, and gave me notes to take away to refer to when I require this. I will definitely be back to see Heather and feel she is now part of my present life journey!”

Martin, Hampshire.

“Heather is an oracle of knowledge and information on all things spiritual, ask a question and she will give you the answer in a way that you can understand.

I first met Heather on a 3 week ‘Instinct, Intuition and Psychic’ Course at a local college and though she was an interesting and knowledgeable lady. A few years later I attended Heather’s 3 weeks of Meditation and when finished was invited to go along to one of her Development Evenings. I had no idea what I would learn but was interested in learning more about myself. I have not only found out more about myself, but I have discovered I am a Healer and Heather is now helping me develop this.

I would recommend anyone that is interested in Spiritual Development to speak with Heather who will help you find what is right for you. Heather has as intensive range of courses and workshops which will suit anyone interested in this field.

On Heather’s Development evenings she helps you find your ‘gift/skills’ (if you don’t already know) and supports you in developing this in an ethical manner. Heather guides you through meditations to find your own guides who can work alongside you in your development. Within these evenings Heather introduces a broad spectrum of spiritual skills – clairvoyance, psychic, tarot cards, crystals, etc, etc. Heather also teaches exercises which enhances your spiritual development.

Heather runs the Inka-Peruvian ‘Munay Ki’, which takes you through the Nine Ancient Inca Rites and explains the origins, history and knowledge behind the Nine Rites. Through receiving these you begin to awaken changes within to heal and transform your luminous body. Heather delivers the Nine Rites at different locations in nature, known for their special energies, each of which are representing certain sacred places in Peru.

Pam, Southampton.

“I have been attending Heather’s Meditation Classes for a couple of years now, where I have learned a lot about myself and others through the different techniques we have explored. She has opened my eyes up to who I really am and what my purpose in life is. My confidence has grown and grown. She has helped me to believe in myself and to be positive in my outlook on life. We have had a go at Crystal dowsing, Aura Readings, Guided Meditations and Tarot Reading to name but a few techniques.

I have done each 3 stages of her Tarot Reading course, ie, the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced stages, which I found intriguing and interesting, because with Heather’s knowledge we delved into the background behind the Tarot Cards as well as using them as a tool to get an insight to people’s lives when reading with them. Also I am currently doing the Inka/Peruvian ‘Nine Rites’ of the Munay Ki, which has ‘blown me away’.

Heather explains and puts a lot of information into her teaching which makes it enjoyable. I find Heather to be a warm and engaging teacher and who I am proud, now, to name as a friend. "

Gill, Totton.

“I first met Heather about 5 years ago and I knew immediately that this was somebody who could teach me a great deal. It was a couple more years before I was fortunate enough to ‘work’ Spiritually and Shamanically with her, and I feel very blessed. Combining a great sense of humour with a ‘down to earth’ no nonsense approach, Heather’s amazing wisdom, far reaching insights and deep compassion combine to make a wonderful Guide and Teacher, helping others to find their way in their lives. "

Amanda, Winchester, Hampshire.

“Heather is a rare individual, indeed. She teaches from a ‘place’ of directness and total sincerity. Truth is a sacred thing and she has the ability to help bring your own truth from the deepest recesses (if needed) of yourself, up to the surface of your awareness. She’ll guide you and support you through the process of transformation as if from the chrysalis of your former self to become a beautiful butterfly. Heather’s ability to help you on your spiritual and life path comes, not only, from the many years of training, but also her personal transformations and experiences".

Antony, New Forest, Hampshire.

“I met Heather at a development course at a local college and I instantly knew there is a lot to learn from this teacher. She’s got so much knowledge about spiritual things and she’s open-minded, which gives me freedom to discuss, search and learn.

Following the ‘ Meditation/Spiritual development course’ at the college, I started to miss her talks, knowledge and advise, so I joined her evening ‘Development Group’, where I have since learned about chakras; to see auras; guided meditation; dowsing rods/pendulums; healing and crystals. Heather also brings to the evening group, insights to the knowledge and practice of the Tarot Cards, Psychic ability, practices of opening and closing of a sacred space.

What strikes me most about Heather is, how many different and various workshops she is able to conduct. I found them so enjoyable and helpful, I have so far attended nearly all of them. The one I liked the most was the Inca/Peruvian Munay Ki – The 9 Rites. During the Munay Ki, I was given (installed with) 9 levels of advance energy which is for this new era. Each workshop for the 9 Rites was held at a beautiful place of special energy.

There is so much to write about Heather, I would be writing all day and night, because she has so much to share with us about so many things that are very interesting. Simply, she is my ‘spiritual guru’".

Ingrid, Southampton.

“Over several years Heather has been my Shamanic Guide, helping me to connect more deeply with the Land, Spirit and ultimately, myself. Her unconditional love and wisdom is deep, as is her sense of respect for people and the Land. She led me with a gentle hand, yet also gave me a stronger push whenever my ego got in the way! I can thoroughly recommend Heather as a teacher and guide to anyone who wishes to connect with the deeper side of both Nature and oneself.

Peter Knight, Calne, Wiltshire.

“I have much to thank Heather for in my spiritual and personal development. She has a wealth of knowledge in these subjects along with many years experience. As a teacher, she will challenge you to reach your full potential. In my own spiritual development Heather has set me goals that I did not always believe I was capable of but she has been proven right. If you are serious in wanting to develop Spiritually, Psychic, Clairvoyance, Tarot, Shamanism, etc., to your full potential, I can thoroughly recommend her as your teacher.

Sharon, New Forest, Southampton.

"Heather is an extremely experienced shamanic healer. I initially started to visit Heather to address long standing problems dating back to childhood which have impinged considerably on my ability to successfully manage my adult life. Through Heather's healing, I am now overcoming these issues and have developed the confidence and self-belief required. In addition, Heather's amazing wisdom and insight shines through. Her ability to get to the root of a problem and make sense of it, discussing potential approaches and solutions with me have been invaluable. I have always felt comfortable with Heather, she built trust quickly and I now regard her as a friend. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather".

Lesley, Southampton, Hampshire.

"Many years I've dreamed that I would like to find a great teacher and finally I've found Heather. I am so happy that life gave me the opportunity to meet her. She is such an amazing teacher/healer. I am just at the beginning of my path on healing and learning, but with Heather i am more courageous. Heather for me is a teacher, healer, mother, friend - all in one. With her help i have progressed in many areas of my life and am very, very thankful to her for everything. I would highly recommend Heather to everyone who is looking for a great teacher/healer. She always has all the answers to all my questions".

Kristina, Southampton, Hampshire.