What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is a Global tradition that reaches back to the dawn of time. Over tens of thousands of years, our ancestors discovered how to maximise human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem solving. The remarkable methods they developed are today known as ‘Shamanism’. It is a term that is said to have originated in Siberia. Tribal groups all over the world, from the jungles to the high mountains – past and present – have been taught and healed by their Shaman.

Shamanism encompasses the learning and development of a relationship with all of nature and all living things. It teaches us what life is all about, what death is all about, and how to live our own lives on a path of light and beauty.

"Shamanism is now being reclaimed so that access to it can enable individuals to make better sense of the world and find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their lives".

Kenneth Meadows

The task of the Shamanic Practitioner/Worker - or Shaman - is to enter into other dimensions in order to restore balance and harmony.

The work might be to restore harmony, or wellness, in a person's spirit, body or emotions. The same can be applied to a place, or a community. In the Shamanic world, this is known as 'medicine'. Everything that is good for us is known as 'medicine'.

The Shamanic Practitioner (or Shaman) knows how to 'journey' to other dimensions (or worlds) becoming a bridge between this 'ordinary dimension' and other 'non-ordinary' dimensions.

Why would a Shamanic Practitioner travel beyond this world? Because in most cases, the 'root' or 'cause' of a problem will lay in realms beyond this ordinary dimension.

Whilst the treatments which address only the symptoms of illness's or disharmony can be helpful, it nevertheless is unlikely to treat the cause.

The Shamanic Practitioner will search for the cause (or origin) of disharmony whether it be spiritual, emotional or physical, by a method known as 'tracking'. Tracking takes a Shaman into deeper or alternate levels or spaces beyond ordinary awareness to reveal the source or the cause.

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"Heather explains and puts a lot of information into her teaching which makes it enjoyable. I find Heather to be a warm and engaging teacher and who I am proud, now, to name as a friend. "

Gill, Totton.

“Over several years Heather has been my Shamanic Guide, helping me to connect more deeply with the Land, Spirit and ultimately, myself. Her unconditional love and wisdom is deep, as is her sense of respect for people and the Land. She led me with a gentle hand, yet also gave me a stronger push whenever my ego got in the way! I can thoroughly recommend Heather as a teacher and guide to anyone who wishes to connect with the deeper side of both Nature and oneself.

Peter Knight, Calne, Wiltshire.