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A Spirit Guide is a being who resides in another dimension other than this physical plane we call 'Ordinary World'.

It is understood that every human being has a 'team of helpers' assigned to him/her, though more often will not become involved in human affairs of life until specifically called upon to do so.

For some the guide will be an Ancestor, or someone from the Spirit Realm, or for others a 'higher vibrational' being.

In this one-day workshop you will be able to meet with of your 'spirit team' which for most will be the beginning of a life-long friendship of help and support in life.

Courses Cost Options

For a 1 day workshops:

  • Full payment of £95 for the day or early bird payment of £85
  • Deposit of £20 to book a place on a day workshop (non-refundable). The remaining balance of £75 is payable 14 days prior to the day

Note: Deposits are not refundable. However, refunds for the full early bird payers who became unable to attend any course may get refunds at our discretion.

Dates for 2015/2016 - soon to be posted

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