Psychic Development Workshop


An introduction to Psychic Development

A one-day workshop, introducing a variety of tasks to experience, working in pairs and in groups.

Everyone has a Psychic skill; it is our 'Sixth Sense'.
To use it we all need to develop it.

The tasks are designed to stretch your Psychic skill further than before, and give you an insight of how to 'switch it on' and 'switch it off' when required.

This workshop will enable you to feel enthusiastic toward trying out a workshop on 'Remote Viewing'.

No previous experience necessary for this workshop.

The mediations sessions can be linked with the psychic development sessions as meditation does form part of psychic development. Combined sessions of mediation and psychic development are available.

Courses Cost Options

For a 1 day workshop:

  • Full payment of £95 for the day or early bird payment of £85
  • Deposit of £20 to book a place on a day workshop (non-refundable). The remaining balance of £75 is payable 14 days prior to the day

Note: Deposits are not refundable. However, refunds for the full early bird payers who became unable to attend any course may get refunds at our discretion.

Dates for 2015/2016 - soon to be posted

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