Shamanism Courses


Courses Dates

  • 24th / 25th October - Introduction to Shamanism
  • 21st / 22nd November - 1st Course
  • 6th / 7th February - 2nd Course
  • 16th / 17th April - 3rd Course
  • 23rd / 24th July - 4th Course

Introduction to Shamanism

Workshop weekend - October 24/25 - 2015

Heather Heaton and Edwina Mizler have joined forces to bring you these dynamic Shamanic Workshops and Course. Check out more information on

Whether you have had some prior insight or experience of shamanism, or whether this is your first curious steps into this ancient tradition, Edwina and I look forward to guiding you into and through the intrigue and fascination of shamanic knowledge.

The purpose of the weekend is to enable you to become familiar with the experiences, processes and protocols of finding paths to other (non-ordinary) dimensions and to meet (non-ordinary) other dimensional beings in an enjoyable and safe way.

The venue, Haddon Acre, is fabulous - check it out on-line at And there's more - the Haddon Acre site is set in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside - which you will definitely want to explore once we tell you of some of its mysteries.

Inclusive within the weekend:-

  • Shamanic Tools
  • Smudging Ceremony
  • The Ceremonial Circle
  • Sacred Space
  • The Medicine Wheel as a Life Map
  • Journeying
  • Altered Awareness
  • Meeting your Power Animal

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Courses Cost Options

For the 1 year course (4 weekend workshops):

  • Full payment £540 or early bird payment of £500
  • Deposit of £108 then 4 installments of £108 payable 14 days prior to each of the four workshop weekends

For 1 of the weekend workshops:

  • Full payment of £135 per weekend or early bird payment of £125
  • Deposit of £27 to book a place on a workshop (non-refundable). The remaining balance of £108 is payable 14 days prior to the workshop

For a 1 day workshops:

  • Full payment of £95 for the day or early bird payment of £85
  • Deposit of £20 to book a place on a day workshop (non-refundable). The remaining balance of £75 is payable 14 days prior to the day

Note: Deposits are not refundable. However, refunds for the full early bird payers who became unable to attend any course may get refunds at our discretion.

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"Heather explains and puts a lot of information into her teaching which makes it enjoyable. I find Heather to be a warm and engaging teacher and who I am proud, now, to name as a friend. "

Gill, Totton.

“Over several years Heather has been my Shamanic Guide, helping me to connect more deeply with the Land, Spirit and ultimately, myself. Her unconditional love and wisdom is deep, as is her sense of respect for people and the Land. She led me with a gentle hand, yet also gave me a stronger push whenever my ego got in the way! I can thoroughly recommend Heather as a teacher and guide to anyone who wishes to connect with the deeper side of both Nature and oneself".

Peter Knight, Calne, Wiltshire.

"Many years I've dreamed that I would like to find a great teacher and finally I've found Heather. I am so happy that life gave me the opportunity to meet her. She is such an amazing teacher/healer. I am just at the beginning of my path on healing and learning, but with Heather i am more courageous. Heather for me is a teacher, healer, mother, friend - all in one. With her help i have progressed in many areas of my life and am very, very thankful to her for everything. I would highly recommend Heather to everyone who is looking for a great teacher/healer. She always has all the answers to all my questions".

Kristina, Southampton, Hampshire.